Simpo PDF to PowerPoint

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint 1.4

Efficient tool to produce PowerPoint presentations out of your PDF collection

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint transforms your PDF files – or specific sections of them – into editable PowerPoint presentations. This standalone application does not require you to have Adobe Reader and MS PowerPoint installed on your system to perform high-quality and efficient document conversions. The original layout is faithfully preserved, regardless of the level of complexity of the source PDF files.

Simplicity is probably the word that defines Simpo PDF to PowerPoint the best. Simplicity of use, simplicity in the design of its user interface, and simplicity in the limited customization options provided. It seems to have been designed to perform bulk PDF to PPT conversions with minimum user intervention. Actually, all you need to do is select all the PDF source files you need to convert, define (when necessary) the pages from the PDF file that will be turned into a PowerPoint presentation, and click on the conversion button. Everything else will be sorted out by Simpo PDF to PowerPoint automatically.

The program will convert the PDF source files in their entirety by default. However, you have the possibility of defining a page range for each PDF document on a file-by-file basis. Likewise, you can add protected PDF files to the conversion list, provided that you know the user passwords required to open them.

Only last one caveat though – this application has no OCR capabilities whatsoever, which means that scanned PDF files or any other PDF documents made up of image files will remain equally uneditable in the resulting PowerPoint presentations. Any text saved as an image in the PDF file will remain an image in the PPT slideshow. Other than that, this interesting tool will produce presentations with perfectly searchable and editable text in a seamless and efficient way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Batch-converts any number of PDF files
  • Supports page range conversion
  • Leaves the original layout untouched


  • No OCR capabilities
  • Lack of conversion settings
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